Swept Up

This is one of my favorite pieces I did this year. I was inspired by the idea of a bride who was both bold and traditional, a woman who wanted a dress that matched her style: romantic, modern, and youthful. The dress combines all of these elements through the cut and draping, material choice, lace and beading, and mesh.

One of the first things I do when designing a new piece is to find the right materials. They inspire me. Actually, they begin to give my design direction. Here, I started with the idea of a bodice that is both light and textured, in three layers. First, I chose a traditional lace, in an ivory that balanced out the sweeping skirt. Next, I played with these feather-like pieces that would give the bodice a playful, ethereal feel. The bodice gives the bride shape, creating an attractive shape from the shoulders to the waist. I cut the bodice with a a deep V, which also made the dress modern and bold, and elongated the torso (height!). The beading added to bodice provides another layer of contrast- see, while the feathered elements are soft with frayed edges, the beading shapes are tiny spheres and lines that capture the light as the dress moves. Together they create a mix of soft and modern, lightness and glamour.

To capture this dress, we did a photo shoot in Death Valley, at the sand dunes. The desert is full of romantic contrasts too. Sweeping lines, soft and hard textures, a quiet kind of romance that leaves a lasting impression.

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