Mermaid on Land

The mermaid cut is, of course, one of the most popular in the bridal gown game.  The reason is simple: the cut accentuates the hour-glass shape that many brides like, and a train gives the dress a sweeping, dramatic look.

In the dress below, I’ve cut a log mermaid train, with embroidery and details along the sides and hip to further mark the mermaid silhouette.  The sparkle also helps thin the silhouette, giving the bride height, too.

The beading on this dress took some time, as you might imagine.  I created bead combinations to fan out like stars and clustered them along the dress to catch the light and give the dress a sense of drama and glamour.

The mermaid cut – tapering just below the hip and then fanning out – makes the train even more dramatic.  You can imagine this dress making its way down the aisle, with everyone’s eyes on the soft, draping fabric, and that bold open back.