About Me

I began as a menswear designer and started working with brides over a decade ago in Michoacán, Mexico, where I was born. There, I learned to work with each bride individually to create unique designs using the highest quality materials.In 2016, I moved to the US and reestablished my business in Long Beach, California. I loved the Southern California vibe and was instantly drawn to the coastal style - a reminder of the decade I lived in Baja California. Drawing from this, I worked with an amazing set of brides to create pieces we really loved.More than one of my clients had a deep connection to family, and so I incorporated their mother’s dresses into the final product. In another dress, I worked Mexican embroidery into a modern silhouette to create a connection with the bride’s heritage. I’ve also had fun exploring other themes, such as 80s punk and 70s Bohemia, to create one-of-a-kind looks. Luckily, this has caught the attention of photographers, fashion websites, and other designers.In 2020, I moved again - this time to the California Central Valley with my husband. Here, I’ve been influenced by the connection to the land, big open skies, and the mountains. And, I’ve taken up painting and jumped into remodeling our 1950s home (@casastudio209).

How it works

First, you give me a sense of your ideas. You have likely seen elements of others dresses you like, and have a sense of color, material or shape.If you have inspiration photos, we go through them together. Or, if you want a fresh take, I give you an idea what might work best with your shape and energy, the theme of your wedding, and we work from there.Then, I create sketches of your dress and suggest materials to get us started. This is a proposal, so we work back and forth on ideas until we create something you really love. This typically takes a few drafts. We confirm your budget and you confirm the dress design and our timeline, laid out in a simple contract. At this point you provide a deposit of 30% of the total price.Soon after, I take your measurements and I start working on the dress.I keep you posted throughout the process, getting your input on material choices and different design elements. I want you to be happy with all the details of your gown.We meet for your first fitting when I am about 80% done with the dress -exciting!We will agree on the alterations, small designs changes if needed, and confirm our timeline. If we need another fitting or an adjustment, we keep collaborating until your dream dress is ready.Not local? No worries.If you are not in the Central Valley (Merced), I travel to So Cal often. Also, we can collaborate through video calls and I can walk you through how to get your measurements. We can choose a dress style than can let you go up or down a size or minimize the need for major alterations. I’ve worked with brides thousands of miles away, and this process works!

Contact Me

Purchasing a wedding dress is a big deal. I get that, and I want to help you resolve your concerns and questions.

Elegant Aymee

Aymee reached out to me in May for help with a stressful situation. She had a bad experience with another wedding gown provider, and her wedding date was fast approaching - August of the same year! Despite the tight deadline, I felt confident that I could create a beautiful gown for her and help alleviate her stress.As a sensitive and creative person, I thrive in environments of cooperation, collaboration, understanding, and positive energy. Aymee embodied all these qualities and more. She took the time to know more about me, and she expressed empathy for me as an immigrant. Is that not the nicest thing these days? Of course, I was determined to help her have the wedding dress of her dreams!We began collaborating via email, with Aymee sharing her ideas and me responding with sketches and suggestions for materials. The process of creating her dream wedding dress began, and I eventually drove down to Southern California to meet her for the first fitting.

I always make sure to have the dress about 80% done for the first fitting, leaving room for any necessary alterations. Fortunately, the dress looked perfect on Aymee right from the start! Seeing my clients happy, comfortable, confident, and excited about their dresses is pure magic for me as a designer.After making some minor alterations, we coordinated to deliver the gown. Since I could not deliver it myself, I asked a good friend to handle the delivery to avoid shipping delays. Thanks to our positive and collaborative working relationship, situations like this are easy to resolve, and everything went smoothly.Aymee was thrilled with her dream wedding gown, and I was grateful for the opportunity to create something beautiful for such a lovely person.


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